NC Hospitals’ Report Card Scores

A panel of experts recently released Hospital Safety Scores grading hospitals in the greater Triangle area. Scores have been released for UNC Hospitals, Rex Hospitals, Duke University Hospital and Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital. The grades reflect a hospitals’ record of medical error, hospital-acquired infections and negligent treatments.


The Hospital Safety Scores were created by The Leapfrog Group, an organization dedicated to informing the public about hospitals’ performance and safety. Patient safety will hopefully improve as hospitals change their regulations to increase their scores. Out of the hospitals that volunteered to be graded, Dunn’s Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital received the lowest score in the greater Raleigh-Durham region, a C. Duke University received a B, and both UNC and Rex Hospitals sparkled with an A. The scores don’t mean you should choose one hospital over the other, rather the survey hopes patients will create a dialogue with hospital administration on how the hospitals can improve to offer better care.


Lower scores reflect a hospital’s overall safety with respect to dozens of standards from medication errors and medical mix-ups, to other malpractice factors. “WakeMed’s Raleigh campus narrowly missed earning a B grade, and one strike against it was being cited for having five patients who developed pressure ulcers over a 20-month period,” according to the News & Observer.


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