NC High School Wrestler Dies at School

Fayetteville personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates learned the sad news of a high school student who died after wrestling practice in Laurinburg, NC. Sports injuries in NC have made headlines over the years, from notorious football injuries, to golf accidents.


Families are distracted by the emotional trauma and distress of their injured child after a school accident, but during this difficult time after their child was hurt on school property they need to find an attorney. Fayetteville personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates know how upsetting it is for parents to see their children hurt, especially when they’re hurt in a place where most children feel safe.


The Laurinburg high school student, Tavarius Hall, who died after a workout at school, might have had pre-existing conditions. Hall went into cardiac arrest during wrestling practice and later passed away at a local hospital. How can students stay safe while participating in high school sports? Schools require physical exams to determine if individual limitations are necessary. Although the leading cause of death for teens is motor-vehicle crashes, the top problems treated by school health personnel are injuries. The CDC reports that boys are three times more likely than girls to require hospitalization from a school injury.


Click here to learn about what to do after your child was hurt on school property. If you’re overwhelmed with caring for your injured child and you’re not ready to retain an NC injury attorney, pick a friend or relative to organize accident reports, medical records and make appointments with Fayetteville personal injury attorneys so that you can focus on your loved one with the peace of mind that your injury case will soon be heard.

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