This week, the Salisbury Post reminded its readers that with warmer weather comes a growing danger for postal workers and mail delivery associates across North Carolina. More dog bites and dog attacks take place during spring and summer months than during any other time of year.

Local post offices in North Carolina reported that dog bite incidents among employees are on the rise, with multiple aggressive dog incidents and dog bites reported in Salisbury, Mooresville, Rock Hill, and Charlotte.

What can residents do to curb North Carolina dog bite attacks that involve mail carriers?
  • Make sure your pet is properly fenced in and under your control at all times. 
  • Realize that even if your pet is usually not aggressive, many dogs will become aggressive if they believe an intruder has entered the home or property. 
  • If you are expecting a package, or if you know when your mailman arrives, keep your dog in the home or contained in a kennel. 
  • Train your dog. Your pet should be able to sit and stay when the doorbell rings or when you are answering the door.

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