NC Dog Attack Kills Infant

Recently a 9-day old baby was killed by three dogs in eastern North Carolina, just south of the Triangle-area. The baby was found by family who were in another room at the time the dogs attacked. No one witnessed the dog attack. The family had five dogs, which were all seized by authorities, even though three were believed to be involved with the killing.

The infant killed by dogs was left unattended in the kitchen without any supervision. The dogs were roaming the house free and no adults were around to correct their behavior or stop the attack. When the family discovered the baby, she was face-down on the floor and was having difficulty breathing.

There are common things that promote aggression in dogs. Most people are aware of a dog's innate territorialism, which is true of their home, toys and family/master. Aggressive tendencies in dogs stem from them wanting to protect. Without proper behavioral training, dogs learn that growling, barking and other aggressive actions turn into power and control. When a dog owner doesn't correct a dog, the barking and growling easily turns into biting. Were the dogs responsible for the baby's death or was it her parents' negligence for leaving a baby, just over a week old, alone in the kitchen when five dogs are in the house?

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