NC Car Accidents: Highway Patrol Targets Teens

June is now “No Texting, Just Driving” Educational Awareness Month. The NC Highway Patrol is coordinating a fleet of undercover cars during this campaign to help prevent NC car accidents involving teens.


The safe driving campaign comes on the tail-end of North Carolina’s latest title as the #2 state in the country for the highest number of teen deaths in car accidents. Most of the accidents that teens are injured or killed in are easily preventable. If the teenage driver had not been texting while driving, talking on their cell phone or driving over the speed limit, most of the car crashes could have been avoided.


The State Highway Patrol is also coordinating traffic safety programs at schools and additional initiatives on roadways near schools to help educate teen drivers of the consequences of dangerous driving. These programs haven’t changed the statistics yet, which is why the new “No Texting, Just Driving” awareness month of June was created.


Besides distracted driving, speeding and failure to wear a seat belt, other factors that cause accidents with teen drivers are driving while under the influence, driving while intoxicated and aggressive driving habits.


Brent Adams & Associates represents victims of car accidents. What if your child or someone you love was a passenger in a car driven by a reckless teen driver? What if you were hit by a teenage driver and you’re suffering life-changing injuries and time away from work? Our NC car accident attorneys will help you receive compensation for lost wages, medical treatments and long-term healthcare needs. Help prevent accidents by spreading awareness – share this post and these statistics about teen drivers in NC:


  • Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in NC.
  • Three times as many car accidents involve teenage drivers than older drivers.
  • In NC, drivers under 18 charged with a misdemeanor traffic offense are taken into custody. This can affect a teen’s college and job application process.
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