NC Car Accident Attorneys: Speeding Driver Causes Injuries

Speeding is the number one cause of car accidents in North Carolina. Careless drivers who ignore speed limits injure innocent people, themselves and damage property. A teenage driver was speeding on Zacks Mill Road just before causing an Angier car accident. Attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates represent car accident victims who suffer injuries at no fault of their own. In this Angier car accident, passenger Tyler Lewis suffered injuries in the accident and is expected to survive.


The driver, eighteen-year-old David Collins, was not wearing his seat belt when he crashed the car into a telephone pole, hit a ditch, rolled over multiple times and landed in the yard of a private residence. Collins was thrown over seventy feet from the car and was lucky to survive with non-life-threatening injuries.


If you were harmed by a speeder, you have legal rights. For over 35 years Brent Adams has helped NC car accident victims who have suffered serious personal injuries. You may be able to recover costs for rehabilitation, medical treatments, property damage and more. Car accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates have handled thousands of injury cases in North Carolina and we know the stresses a traumatic and life-changing accident can have on victims and their families. Call for a free review of your NC car accident injury claim at 800.849.5931. If you’re not able to meet with us at our personal injury law offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn, we can come to you.

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