NC Budgets May Cut First Responders’ Workers’ Comp

Proposed budget cuts are threatening North Carolina's volunteer first responders' workers' compensation. Injured first responders may face a future with significantly reduced permanent changes to workers' comp benefits.

NC Workers' Comp Changes

Volunteer fire fighters, EMS crew and rescue workers are able to receive compensation when they're injured through the Volunteer Safety Workers' Comp Fund, which was organized by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. The fund receives money from the state general revenue's appropriations and premiums paid by non-paid employees. According to Paul Miller, executive director of the NC State Fireman's Association, the fund requires an additional $2 million, but the state can only supply $1 million.

Firefighters' Workers' Comp

Volunteer firefighters risk their lives on their own dime. Without the assurance of workers' comp benefits, there will very likely be lower numbers of volunteer first responders available to protect NC communities.

Workers' Comp Attorneys Raleigh

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