NC Assisted Living Center Infested

Nursing homes in NC have made headlines for infestations of mites, mold and, as of the winter of 2012, mice and cockroaches.

Unsafe Living NC Nursing Homes

North Carolina nursing homes and assisted living centers must pass specific health and safety regulations set forth by the state’s Department of Health. Negligent staff, poor maintenance and unskilled workers often contribute to unsafe living conditions for seniors. Senior citizens living in NC nursing homes may not have the memory or ability to voice their concerns about problems in their nursing home.

Smithfield NC Nursing Home Infested

A Smithfield, NC nursing home, Autumn Wind Assisted Living, conducted an extensive fumigation in February 2012. Autumn Wind was infested with mice and roaches “for several years,” according to WRAL. The owner of Autumn Wind relocated residents to another assisted living center in Kinston, sent others home with their families, and a few residents chose to stay in the center while fumigation efforts took place for two weeks. The NC assisted living center now faces weekly inspections.

Bedbug Investigation Wake County

Mice and roaches are just a few on a long list of issues concerning nursing homes in NC. Last summer a handful of Wake County long-term care homes for the elderly were the focus of a bedbug investigation. Health regulations require nursing homes to present a plan of extermination of the bed bugs. Any nursing homes that fail to do so will be charged fines.

Wilmington Nursing Home With Mold

Bugs aren’t the only problem that NC nursing homes face. Ten years ago, a Wilmington nursing home was found to have several inches of toxic mold growing in its walls. Families and caregivers of the elderly who are responsible for choosing an assisted living center for their loved one need to conduct extensive research of nursing homes.

NC Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If you or someone you know is living in a NC nursing home that is providing inadequate care and living conditions, contact a NC nursing home abuse attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Our NC nursing home abuse lawyers will review your case and explain the types of compensatory damages you or your loved one are entitled to receive.
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