NC Apartment Fire With No Insurance

A fire recently destroyed several homes in Byran Woods Apartments just south of Raleigh in Garner, North Carolina. Almost two dozen people had nowhere to live after the fire.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies have a fire claim provision that offers funds toward temporary housing while repairs are made to the dwelling. For apartment tenants, renter’s insurance—or contents policies—will cover property damage, while the landlord or owner’s property insurance covers repairs for events such as fire or water damage. The Byran Woods Apartments tenants stayed at the Red Cross.

Unfortunately for some of the tenants whose homes were destroyed in the Garner apartment fire, they had no insurance. What happens if you have no insurance and you experience a fire in your apartment? Contact the Red Cross for shelter, food and clothes like the Garner fire victims did. Keep photos and videos of your belongings on a virtual server or a safety deposit box. Although rare, sometimes tenants are able to receive partial reimbursement or compensation through their landlord’s property insurance.

If you do have an insurance policy, but are having a difficult time receiving the compensation outlined in your policy agreement, contact an insurance dispute attorney in Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville with Brent Adams & Associates. Our insurance dispute lawyers handle cases everywhere in North Carolina, from water damage (embed Collins link), fire damage to hurricane damage, our attorneys know how insurance companies try to hold on to their money—and our attorneys also know the laws that protect policy holders. Brent Adams & Associates’ insurance dispute attorneys use these insurance laws to expedite your property damage claim so that you can start rebuilding your life.

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