NC Accident Kills Child

A North Carolina lawn mower accident killed a child this past summer. Authorities have recently determined that no criminal charges will be filed. In August, a 3-year-old was run over by a riding lawn mower. The lawn mower had a malfunction, according to WRAL reports, and sometimes slipped into gear. Since the lawn mower was borrowed from a relative, the man using it, Jamie Devon Todd, didn't know about the malfunction.

Lawn Mower Accidents

It's common knowledge that children are accident prone. Scraped knees and Band-Aids are part of a normal childhood. However, kids are still developing cognitive abilities and need adults to supervise them in what may appear to be a normal situation, like mowing a lawn. In the death of the young boy, Todd had offered the boy a ride on the lawn mower before putting him down to mow the rest of the yard. When Todd put the mower in neutral to move a trampoline, he heard the boy scream and try to run away from the mower, which injured his leg. Todd tried to lift the mower off the boy, but when he did the blade angled up and hit the boy's head. Authorities stated that the accident's consequences were clearly unpredictable and that no charges would be filed.

Children Hurt in NC Accidents

Tragic accidents involving children happen every day. Cars crash, product defects cause choking, day care centers are charged with abuse and children slip and fall. Families need to understand their legal rights in North Carolina when their child is hurt or killed due to another's wrong-doing.

Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys

Raleigh-Durham child accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates handle cases for families with children who have been victims to serious accidents. Because their bodies are not fully developed, children are at a higher risk of injury to physical trauma. Since their cognitive abilities are still developing, they are at a higher risk of severe head trauma as well, depending on the type of accident they're involved with. Children can't defend their own legal rights, so Brent Adams & Associates' personal injury attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn bring a voice to young victims.

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