NASCAR and HP Racing Fined for Workers’ Comp Violations

Phil Parsons and Randy Humphrey, owners of HP Racing, were fined for not providing workers’ comp insurance for the majority of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2011. HP Racing only acquired workers’ comp insurance a few days before an employee’s injury hearing. The fraud unit was tapped to investigate the claim as well.


A HP racing employee suffered a work-related injury during the uninsured period of time. Any employer with three or more employees must purchase a workers’ comp insurance policy, as mandated by the Workers’ Comp Act. Regulations are being enforced more severely now than ever before in North Carolina, with business owners receiving notice that they will be sent to jail unless they pay fines and show proof of a workers’ comp insurance policy.


The employee’s injury was deemed to be compensable, but HP Racing has not yet covered the employee’s medical expenses and lost wages. The employee has not been able to work for almost a year, which is when the accident occurred. Due to his injuries preventing him from seeking employment, he is not qualified for unemployment benefits.


If you were hurt at work and you found out your employer didn’t have workers’ comp insurance, contact NC workers comp attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates. Brent Adams & Associates has a legal department exclusively handling workers’ comp claims for North Carolina employees.

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