This month, our library items focus on myths that circulate about Social Security Disability - how the system works, which people are denied, and why people are denied. Since many people get information about the process from neighbors, friends, and family, they are often given information that is exaggerated, skewed, or even completely false. It is even possible that legal professionals or attorneys have given you misleading or wrong advice or tips regarding Social Security Disability.

We have made an attempt to list some of the most common myths that float around neighborhood get-togethers, water coolers, and family barbeques: It's easy to win a Social Security Disability case for a child. It only takes 90 days to hear about your claim. If you have certain conditions, you are guaranteed to be approved. You can't both work and collect Social Security Disability.

Find out the answers today by reading our Library Items. If you have any questions at all, contact us today for a free consultation about your specific case. Having an experienced, specialized lawyer will vastly improve your chances of approval.
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