A man has filed a personal injury suit against the village of Shiloh Township and the village of O’Fallon Township in Illinois, alleging that they are responsible for the broken left knee he suffered when he encountered a rocky road while operating a motorcycle.

According to the suit Brian Knepp filed against both townships on August 10 in Illinois’ St. Clair County Circuit Court, he was southbound on his motorcycle on August 12, 2008, when he came across an area of the road that had been repaved and was filled with rock, chip, and oil.

The suit says that the fresh oil and gravel caused his motorcycle to swerve and/or fishtail. It goes on to say that he was able to regain control of his motorcycle and keep it upright, however, doing so required that he put his left foot down to stabilize the bike.

Knepp says the incident caused him to suffer a break to his left tibial plateau, incur medical expenses, and be prevented from attending to his usual duties.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of the townships for failure to properly maintain the roads in a safe condition.

Knepp seeks damages in excess of $100,000, plus costs, from the two-count suit.

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