Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Motorcycle safety in Raleigh-Durham is such an important accident prevention method that there are several groups dedicated to educating NC motorcycle riders. The North Carolina Motorcyclists’ Education Foundation is a non-profit group that helps train motorcycle riders through an entirely volunteer-driven network. Over 10,000 new motorcycle riders hit the roads of NC each year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association cites there are over 4 million registered motorcycle riders in the US. Motorcycles offer no protection in a crash, whereas cars and other vehicles offer some barrier from impact. Special safety equipment helps prevent injuries from motorcycle accidents:

• Safety helmets do save lives by reducing trauma to the head. Invest in a quality helmet. Read research reports on safety tests—this is one expense you shouldn’t cut corners on!
• Leather and special synthetic materials help reduce abrasion injuries.
• Ankle and foot injuries can be lessened by wearing leather boots.
• Body armor pieces that fit under clothes also help in reducing affects of impact.

Motorcyclist Killed in Durham, NC

Even with driver education programs in NC and safety equipment, there are negligent drivers, road obstructions, weather complications and other factors that contribute to fatal motorcycle accidents. In early March 2012 a group of motorcycles was riding in Durham around lunchtime when a car pulled out into the street, hitting one rider. The other two riders were able to avoid the vehicle; however the collision with thirty-three-year-old rider Tomas Castillo was fatal.

North Carolina Motorcycle Attorneys

If you or someone you know was injured in a NC motorcycle accident, personal injury attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates can explain what compensation may be available. The types of compensation from a NC motorcycle accident may include recovering lost wages, recovering costs for medical bills, recoup property damage and more.

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