Most Hazardous Workplace: Agriculture

Many people believe that the construction industry is responsible for the most on-the-job injuries; however, the most hazardous line of work lies in agriculture. North Carolina farmworkers have held a series of press events to bring attention to fatal working conditions.

Farmworker Deaths NC

Farm and poultry workers in NC are working in unsanitary situations with equipment that’s in disrepair. The Farmworker Advocacy Network, a NC organization committed to improving the working conditions of farmworkers, is trying to shed light on the poorly enforced regulations that are causing innocent people to work in dangerous workplaces.

Hurt on the Job

Every day around the US agricultural workers face potentially fatal situations. This fall six workers were killed in a Kansas grain elevator accident. According to the Kansas City Star, “Working in grain bins is one of the most dangerous jobs.” The piece also reports that grain bin deaths are rising. Working in grain bins sometimes requires workers to “walk the grain,” which is needed when grain sticks to the sides of a bin. When a farmworker loosens the grain it can pull the worker down like quicksand and suffocate them. Even though suffocation is on the rare side of agricultural accidents, many farmers have not made adjustments to ensure safer working conditions.

Work Injuries NC

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