Most Fatal Day of the Year for Drivers

july fourth accidentsThe deadliest day of the year for drivers is not New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Day, or Memorial or Labor Day - it is consistently the 4th of July. Our North Carolina car accident attorneys usually surprise people when we explain this fact. Most people are aware that the holidays associated with drinking and parties are notorious for car accidents - the number of drunk driving accidents usually spikes. However, July 4th - also a time for cookouts and celebrations - remains the most fatal day for drivers.

More than half of the car accidents that occur on the 4th of July are alcohol-related, which means they are preventable. If you are hosting a party, establish firm rules for anyone who drinks and plans to drive. Offer a place for them to stay and sober up before they leave - take their keys away if necessary. Alternatively, have the names and numbers of cab companies available to provide additional options. If you are driving to a party and have a few drinks - make sure to designate a sober driver, have money for cab fare, or be prepared to wait until you are no longer intoxicated to drive.

Summer is also the deadliest time for teenage drivers. Learn about the common mistakes teenage drivers make to help educate young drivers you know and prevent accidents. Combined with the anticipated peak in accidents on the 4th of July, North Carolina is the #2 state in the nation for the number of car accidents involving teen drivers.

Share this information with your friends and family and help everyone have a safer and happier 4th of July.

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