Most Dangerous Jobs

If you work in an industry notorious for putting employees at great risk of injury, you need to know your rights in the event you are hurt at work. Workers' comp lawyers in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville have reviewed a national study using federal injury data compiled by Allsup, an insurance provider for disabled individuals.

The study ranked each state based on the number of injuries reported at work. North Carolina is a safe place to work in comparison with the rest of the nation. North Carolina did not make the Top 5, and that says a lot when ten states tied for the fifth position. 

According to the report, the most dangerous jobs fall into the Top 5 Industries With High Injury Rates:

  1. Amusement parks and arcades
  2. Animal processing and slaughtering
  3. Beverage manufacturing
  4. Nursing care
  5. Alcoholic beverage wholesalers


The above industry categories reflect national reports, but on the state-level, North Carolina lead the nation with the highest rate of industry in the automobile manufacturing industry. Regardless of the risk associated with your line of work, you have rights as an employee. Under North Carolina workers' comp law injured workers are entitled to specific benefit payments, medical treatment, and rehabilitation services. Complete this form to have your work injury case evaluated at no cost.

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