Mold Injuries and Illness Claims

Severe injury claims are associated with exposure to molds. There are almost as many symptoms of mold exposure as there are types of mold. Health problems associated with mold can be as simple as allergic reactions like sneezing, sore throat and a runny nose—often mistaken for a common cold. Other times, symptoms may involve muscle spasms, birth defects and cancers, which can also be difficult to target to mold issues.

Toxic Mold Injuries

Since toxic mold injuries have symptoms that are easily attributed to other causes, mold injury claims require special attention. NC mold injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates know exactly what information you need to build the strongest injury claim. Our mold injury attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn will explain how to form your NC injury case depending on how you were exposed to mold. There are specific legal responsibilities that surface when mold is an issue; this is particularly true in real estate between sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants.

Mold Insurance Claims

If a property owner is not responsible for a mold injury or illness, another potential party at fault is an insurance company. If a landlord or homeowner submits a claim through their insurance policy for mold removal or eradication and the insurance company delayed, denied or supplied inadequate coverage, then the insurance company is responsible. In some cases, the mold removal company may provide poor service. With so many variables in mold claims, the best thing for anyone to do is to consult a NC mold injury attorney at Brent Adams & Associates at 800.849.5931 for a free review of their injury claim.
Yeah toxic mold injuries can really happen that's why it is very important to hire experts who can really detect mold presence and advise how to prevent mold toxicity.
by Scott Alexander November 29, 2012 at 09:58 PM
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