Modern Dangers for Children

baby injuriesParents today need to manage risks for their children that didn't exist decades ago. Accident lawyers and defective product lawyers in Raleigh with our firm review devastating injury cases where innocent children have suffered at no fault of their own, and their family members also carry a burden. As our society advances, product designs change and technology develops. Although these steps forward usually make our lives more convenient, they also pose serious risks for babies and toddlers. Here are modern dangers that affect a child's physical safety and health:

Detergent pods. Detergent pods were not available decades ago. These new options for laundry cleaning offer a highly concentrated single-wash cleaning product in a tight dissolvable pouch about the size of a large cherry. Manufacturers create them in a variety of colors, but their appearance makes it difficult for children to tell the soap pods apart from candy. In the summer of 2013, a 7-month-old baby mistakenly ingested a laundry detergent pod. His mother discovered the ingestion right away, but an emergency trip to the hospital was unsuccessful at saving the infant's life. Local news reports cite reports of over 5,000 injured children became ill in 2013 after ingesting the pods--and over 6,000 in 2012. The affects are nearly instaneous. In a separate case, a two-year-old immediately vomited after consuming the pod. His parents sought medical attention even though they thought he was safe after vomiting, however the chemicals were already in his system and he spent five days in intensive care.

Baby furniture. Baby recliner recalls have developed in recent years. In the past, parents and caregivers were dependent on just a few baby furniture items: Cribs, stroller, high-chairs, swings, play pens. Today there are baby recliners, rockers, and a variety of specially designed furniture for infants with a therapeutic focus. At the end of 2012 a lawsuit was filed against baby recliner manufacturer Nap Nanny after five infants allegedly died as a result of suffocation caused by the recliners. This lawsuit was issued just two years after the manufacturer recalled 30,000 of their products.

When it comes to negligent manufacturers and defective products, our attorneys in Raleigh help victims and their families understand their rights under North Carolina law, federal law, as well as the manufacturer's responsibilities. A simple (and free) case evaluation with one of our defective product attorneys can help you move forward with your recovery and get the process started so that at-fault parties are held responsible.


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