Missing Work Due to Injury

There were 965,000 non-fatal injury and illness cases filed in 2009 that resulted in lost days from work, according to the most recent reports from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although fatal work injuries have fallen over the past five years, over 4,500 on-the-job fatalities occurred in 2010.

Certain industries are more prone to on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Workplace accidents are common in production, transportation and construction sectors. The BLS reports about a quarter of all occupational injuries are due to employees' frequent interactions with machinery or equipment.

A doctor may prescribe time off work after an on-the-job injury. Some workplace injuries and illnesses require medical treatments, like physical therapy, which might affect standard work hours. Time off from a job because of a work-related injury can be devastating to a household. Workers' compensation was created for injured workers to support themselves and their families in the event of an industrial injury. Coverage might be denied in situations where the employee was found to be committing a crime or if the injury was self-inflicted.

If a workers' comp claim is filed and the injured worker's employer requests they return to work, their injury may still prohibit them from completing their job the way they used to. The injured worker may not be able to work their prior hours either. A medical evaluation and written approval from a doctor must take place before an injured worker returns to their job.

Workers comp attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville with Brent Adams & Associates help injured workers across North Carolina. Anyone who has suffered a workplace injury will most likely experience time away from work. The stress of lost wages, high medical bills and not understanding the NC workers' comp system can be lessened with a workers' comp lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates. Contact our injury law office to discuss your workers' comp case and learn the answers to:

  • Will I get compensated for missing time from work because of my injury?
    After I'm injured on the job, how long will it take to receive my first workers' comp check?
    Does my employer have to pay for my hospital stay if I'm injured on the job?
    How long do I have to file a claim after a work-related injury?
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