Medical Error: Disfigurement

Medical errors are associated with wrong-site surgeries, misdiagnosis, negligent anesthesia practices, unnecessary surgery, inadequate care or prescription error.


A 2006 New York Times article reported 1 out of 5 diagnoses are wrong. Medical malpractice during surgery can cause disfigurement, but also certain surgeries—if prescribed because of a wrong diagnosis—can be disfiguring.


For example, less than ten years ago a Colorado woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Some time after the surgery she received care from a different doctor who discovered she never had breast cancer and that other medical staff had learned of the error, but had kept quiet about the mistake. She received compensation for disfigurement and permanent impairment damages.


Sometimes doctors fail to remove equipment from surgical sites. This causes unnecessary pain and injury to innocent patients and could result in amputation, loss of limb use or death, depending on the surgical site, the tool or tools left behind and how long the error goes untreated.


Disfigurement is not only a physical injury. Medical errors resulting in disfigurement often cause victims to experience depression or anxiety. Therapy sessions as well as reconstructive surgery costs should be provided to the victim and our NC medical malpractice attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates fight to make sure innocent patients receive all the compensation they deserve.


A new NC malpractice law issued in 2011 affects how disfigured and other victims of medical error in North Carolina will be compensated. Schedule a free review of your medical malpractice claim at 800.849.5931. Our NC medical malpractice attorneys will explain in simple terms how your injury claim will be affected.

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