Two buses transporting high school band students to an amusement park were involved in a crash on a freeway in Missouri also involving a tractor-trailer on August 5. Two people were killed in the accident and dozens suffered personal injuries, officials say.


According to Missouri Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jorma Duran, it has been confirmed that two people died, but she could not immediately say if they were occupants of one of the school buses.


SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center spokeswoman Ashley Wiehle said that 36 children received hospital transport. They were considered to be in good condition and were examined as a precaution.


The buses were transporting students from St. James High School. They were en route to the Six Flags amusement park located approximately 10 miles from the scene of the crash.

Aerial footage of the scene showed that the front end of one of the buses came to rest on top of the back of the tractor-trailer's cab. The second bus collided with a rear corner of the first bus. Firefighters hosed down the mangled debris and metal ladders provided access to the windows on the buses.

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