Singer Marc Anthony has joined his wife, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, as a defendant in a personal injury suit filed by a flight attendant who claims that the couple’s guard dog attacked her while the couple was flying on a private jet.


Lopez was originally the only defendant named in the federal personal injury suit that Lisa Wilson, the flight attendant, filed in June 2007 in Brooklyn Federal Court. Anthony was added after Lopez’s attorney said that he is the owner of the German shepherd that allegedly attacked Wilson.


Wilson is seeking damages of $5 million from Lopez and her company, Nuyorican Productions. The suit was amended to add Anthony as a defendant.


On July 3, 2006, Anthony, Lopez, and Floyd, the dog, were on a Gulfstream IV flight from Republic Airport in Farmingdale in Long Island, New York to Burbank, California, according to Wilson’s lawyer.


According to court papers, Lopez warned Wilson how to behave around the dog. Approximately one hour after takeoff, the dog lunged at Wilson, biting her pant leg. She claims that she fell and sustained a serious back injury, rendering her unable to work.


According to Wilson’s attorney, Lopez and Anthony had a duty to muzzle or leash the dog and warn her to “stay completely away from the dog.”

by musiclover February 12, 2009 at 12:59 PM
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