Man With Knee Injury Flees Scene Of Crash After Biting Occupant Of Other Car

On May 26, a man from Muncie, Indiana was arrested after allegedly fleeing from a head-on collision which left him with the bones and tendons of one knee exposed. However, before he fled, he caused personal injury to an occupant of the other vehicle by biting him when he attempted to detain him.

Preliminary charges were filed against 37-year-old Dustin Dakins for leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, public intoxication, driving as a habitual traffic offender, driving while intoxicated, and battery.

According to authorities, on the night of the accident, Dakins’ mini-van collided head-on with the car of Ina Patterson.

According to police, despite his severe injuries, Dakins fled the scene.

Ina Patterson’s son and passenger, 21-year-old Anthony Patterson chased after Dakins and struggled with him, before Dakins choked him and bit his upper leg, according to police.

After a search of the area, officers discovered Dakins in the parking lot of the nearby Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. They took him to Ball Memorial Hospital, where a surgical procedure was performed on his injured knee.

The Pattersons declined hospital transport.

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