Man Who Sustained Brain Injury in Fall Gets $5.5M

After a fall that left a church volunteer Ronald Day with head and back injuries, a jury found the church guilty and awarded Day $5.5 million.

In 2006 Day volunteered to construct a roof on a church in Mexico. The trip was organized by a ministry organization and the Central Christian Church. A board that Day stepped on while constructing the roof gave in and Day fell ten feet to a concrete floor. Day's construction site injuries included a spinal fracture, contusions on his frontal and temporal lobes. Hospital care required an open reduction, installation of two rods and a spinal fusion. His brain damage is permanent and has caused loss of several senses including taste, smell and hearing in one year. Day is no longer able to work and his family life has suffered because of his emotional and psychological injuries.

Expert witnesses in Day's case cited his business losses at about $3 million. The jury served a verdict in the amount of $5.5 million, finding Central Christian Church at 80% fault for not providing adequate supervision, a safe job site and materials and improper volunteer training.

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