Man Uses His Dog As A Weapon: Dog Then Attacks Owner

On Thursday, February 14, two people in Laurel, Mississippi were sent to South Central Regional Medical Center after receiving personal injuries from being attacked by a dog. One of the two was the owner of the animal.

According to a prepared statement by Alex Hodge, Sheriff of Jones County, Mississippi, once 54-year-old Carlos Magee is released from the hospital; he will face charges of aggravated assault and attempted aggravated assault.

The name of the woman attacked, nor the name of her husband, were released by Hodge. There were also no details given about the condition she or Magee were in.

Steven Smith, a Deputy for the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, responded to a complaint the department had received. Once there, Smith discovered a woman who had suffered from massive bite wounds due to being attacked by a dog.

According to Hodge, the attack was neither an accident, nor the result of provocation by the woman. Hodge said that the dog was told to attack the woman by Magee. The woman’s husband attempted to aid his wife by trying to knock the dog off of her with a baseball bat, at the same time Magee was attacking the husband with an ax handle.

At some point during the incident, the dog turned on its owner and wounded him. Smith called for back-up at the scene. Shortly after they responded, the dog was killed.


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