Man Injured by Bull Dogs

A street transportation employee survived with injuries after an attack by a pair of bull dogs that ended with a police officer fatally shooting the dogs.


On the day of the attack, the 42-year-old street maintenance foreman was working on an asphalt project. Officers say the dogs escaped from a nearby home.


At approximately 9:30 a.m., a 59-year-old man walked his poodle in the area and noticed some activity. He said that he called 911 after realizing dogs were attacking the maintenance worker.


Upon arriving at the scene, officers were cited in local news reports as describing the victim as “lifeless.” The victim was being dragged through muddy irrigation water. According to a police spokesperson, the victim suffered multiple bite wounds on his arms, face and chest. One cut on his arm was so deep that it went all the way to the bone. Police said the injuries were life-threatening, but he is expected to recover. Police shot one dog in order to free victim, but the other dog was also shot after it became a threat to the officer.


This particular incident raises two issues: One a dog bite injury claim, and two, an on-the-job injury. The maintenance worker was working in the course and scope of their work at the time of the dog attack. Watch the video above to learn how personal injury claims are processed differently than work injury claims in North Carolina.

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