Man Sentenced To Two Years After Dogs Attack Woman

The owner of a pair of pit bulls responsible for mauling and causing personal injuries to a neighbor in Indianapolis, Indiana received the toughest possible jail sentence on July 7, two years in prison. The rare move received the applause of those critical of pit bulls and irresponsible owners.

The dogs’ owner, 32-year-old Lee Carroll, apologized to the victim, 68-year-old Brenda Hill, before leaving the courtroom for failing to keep his dogs from attacking her. Her injuries were so severe that she lost part of one of her legs.

The rare penalty brings to a close a case involving what animal control officials have said is one of the worst attacks in the city in more than a decade.

Even Hill and her son, Gregory Gilbert, were surprised by the sentenced, noting that dog owners typically only receive probation or time on home detention for failure to control their animals.

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