Avoid Turkey Cooking Accidents

deep fry turkey injuriesDeep-fried turkey is a tasty addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table, but many families don't use fryers properly and suffer life-long injuries. Just this year, authorities are investigating a fire that killed a man. The fire developed at a residence in Lenoir County on Thanksgiving morning. Authorities say the fire was the result of cooking a turkey.


3 Common Mistakes When Deep-Frying Turkeys:


  1. Using a frozen turkey. A frozen turkey is coated in frozen water. Water and oil react dangerously. Not only generously thaw your turkey, but make sure it is as dry as possible.
  2. Setting up the deep-fryer in a dangerous location. On a porch, a deck, in a garage, a few feet from the house - all of these areas are extremely dangerous and should be avoided! Set up a fryer outside at a safe distance (at least 10-20 feet from a house and anything flammable).
  3. No fire extinguisher. Read our #1 tip again - water and oil react dangerously. Have at least one working fire extinguisher present and easily accessible before turning on the fryer.


Our Raleigh injury attorneys hope you share this page with family and friends to help keep everyone safe and injury-free during the holiday season!


Of course, if you have used the deep fryer appropriately and a product defect has caused serious injuries - contact us for a no-cost case review.





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