Man Injured By Pool Cue Breaking In His Hand

A resident of Calmar, Iowa has filed suit against The Fieldhouse/3rd Base Sports Bar alleging that he sustained personal injuries while playing pool when a cue broke in his hands on February 9.


Tyler Sievert filed suit in the District Court of Johnson County, Iowa alleging that he sustained personal injuries due to the pool cue, which was provided by the bar, shattering while he was striking the cue ball and impaling itself through his middle knuckle and exiting at the end of his left index finger.


The suit claims that Sievert sustained personal injuries that were serious and permanent in addition to suffering emotional distress.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of the Fieldhouse for providing the general public with a pool cue that was defective. Sievert has asked for a suitable amount in order to compensate for the injuries he sustained and related damages incurred.

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