Man Injured After Vehicle Struck By Police Officer

rear end crashesA man from filed a personal injury suit against a city; the man alleges that he sustained personal injuries while riding in the back seat of a car that was rear-ended by a police officer.


The man, according to the suit, was in the back seat of a car that had stopped in traffic. The suit says that an on-duty police officer rear-ended the vehicle.


According to the plaintiff's suit, the severe injuries he suffered have caused him a loss of enjoyment of life. He has also incurred medical costs and suffered annoyance, aggravation, and mental anguish. He claims negligence on the part of the officer for failure to maintain control of the vehicle.


If you were hurt as a result of a city or government worker's actions during the course of their employment, you might be able to pursue damages from the worker's employer as noted in the example above. Keep in mind, rear-end car crashes could pose some issues when it comes to liability. Juries, insurance companies, and other matters could pose concerns. Our North Carolina injury attorneys explain more about liability in rear-end collision cases here. Another important fact to consider: North Carolina is one of only four states with contributory negligence statutes. These provisions virtually make it impossible for an individual to recover damages if they were in any small way a contributing factor in the incident that caused their damages.


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