A man from Wyoming was hospitalized for the personal injuries he suffered on the night of April 5 when he was attacked by a pair of pit bull dogs outside his home.


On the night of the incident, 60-year-old William Ward had gone outside to take his trash out when he was attacked.


According to Ward's brother, James Ward, one dog "flipped him onto the cement" before both began attacking his arms.


Ward sustained two broken arms and extensive bite marks. The day after the attack, his family said he was listed in stable condition and was undergoing surgery.


According to neighbors, the two dogs were walking down the street without a leash or owners and started to greet some young children playing football in the yard. The dogs then approached Ward's home, where he and his sister were outside with their dog.


According to eyewitness Sherly VanderMyde, the dogs attacked the Wards' dog. Ward's sister freed their dog and took him inside. She said the dogs then began moving in the direction of the children and she yelled for them to get inside.


VanderMyde said Ward then came back outside and the dogs turned their attention on him and attacked him without warning.


VanderMyde called 911 and neighbors separated the dogs from Ward before police arrived.

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