A man has filed suit against a Subway restaurant, claiming that he fell and suffered injuries on the premises.


According to the complaint Gerold M. Bishop filed in West Virginia’s Wayne Circuit Court on September 11, he fell and was injured in a fall in the restaurant.


Bishop claims that a clear, liquid substance that had accumulated on the floor caused him to slip and fall on January 24.


Bishop claims the fall caused him to suffer serious and severe injuries, become sick, sore lame, and otherwise disabled, and suffer aggravation of a previously existing injury.

The suit says that the restaurant took no measures to warn customers of the liquid that had accumulated on the floor and failed to provide proper notice of the hazardous condition.
this said it happened about 2 yearsago why does it take a long time to get the person the moneys they have coming to him.
by DIANA March 21, 2010 at 02:37 PM
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