A man alleging that he sustained personal injuries in a fight with an intoxicated man has filed suit against the bar that allegedly served the alcohol to the drunken person.

According to the suit he filed on January 9 in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court, Lawrence R. Militello alleges that a man, whose name he does not know, assaulted him on February 26, 2007 after consuming alcoholic liquors obtained from Sparky’s 397 Pub.

The suit claims that the alcohol he consumed led to the man’s impairment and intoxication. During that intoxication and impairment, the man assaulted Militello.

Militello claims that because of the fight, he was caused serious and permanent bodily injured which resulted in pain and suffering, disability, medical costs, and inability to pursue natural pursuits of life. He seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

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