A man has filed suit against Allstate County Mutual Insurance Co., claiming the company refused to pay for the personal injuries he suffered in an auto wreck.

According to the suit filed on March 27 in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court, Darrik Reynolds was injured in a November 15, 2007 collision with Ernest Lee Hicks II, who failed to yield right-of-way at an intersection.

The suit says that Hicks’ vehicle “suddenly and unexpectedly” collided with the front of Reynolds’ vehicle, causing it and the trailer it was pulling to jackknife and the boat on the trailer to fall off.

Reynolds claims the collision caused him to suffer severe and permanent back injuries and incur medical expenses.

The suit says that at the time of the crash, Reynolds was insured by Allstate.

Reynolds says that before he filed a claim with Allstate, he tried to file suit against Hicks. However, he discovered that Hicks had no insurance coverage.

Reynolds then filed a claim for his uninsured motorist protection benefits However, the suit says that Allstate has failed to respond.

Reynolds seeks unspecified damages.

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