A man from Arkansas has filed suit against a convenience store, claiming that he fell and suffered personal injuries to his wrist due to the handicap ramp not being properly constructed and posing an unreasonable risk of harm.

On July 9, Martin Jay Camp filed suit against E-Z Mart Stores Inc. in Arkansas’ Washington County Circuit Court. E-Z Mart had the case removed to federal court, Fayetteville Division of the Western District of Arkansas.

According to Camp, E-Z Mart is liable for his damages because the ramp “had angled edges which were not suitable for walking upon” and “edges were marked in such a way to give customers no perception as to the actual edges of the ramp.”

The suit also claims that the likelihood of customers stepping on the edge of the ramp was increased by the fact that the ramp was located several feet to the side of E-Z Mart’s front door.

Camp says that E-Z Mart failed in its duty to repair the ramp or make the ramp reasonably safe, warn of potential dangers, and construct the ramp in a manner consistent with municipal building codes.

Camp claims the fall caused his left wrist to become seriously injured, which has caused him excruciating pain and suffering and the loss of use of his wrist.

Camp seeks damages for medical costs, lost earnings, mental anguish, and mental pain.
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