A man has filed a personal injury suit against Steve Joe Piper, the man he claims attacked him at a tavern in Collinsville, Illinois for no reason.

According to Larry LaFrank, on October 1, 2007, he was at The Local Pub when he was willfully, wantonly, and violently attacked by Piper, who hit him with his fists and a pool ball, resulting in numerous injuries to his head and neck.

LaFrank alleges that the personal injuries he sustained in the brutal assault have caused and will continue to cause him to suffer great pain and anguish and incur medical expenses in addition to leaving him unable to perform his daily duties.

LaFrank has also named The Local Pub as a defendant in the suit, claiming that it had a duty of reasonable care to provide safety for the patrons of the bar. He claims that duty was breached because of the bar’s failure to provide adequate security and assist him during the assault.

He is seeking damages exceeding $15,000 from each defendant.

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