Charges After Dog Attacks Mail Carrier

dog attack mail carrierA man from Williamsburg, Kentucky faces charges after a mail carrier suffered personal injuries in an attack by the man’s dog on December 24. Jeffry Allen Walker was charged with harboring a vicious animal after his black Labrador broke free of its leash and attacked Angie Eldridte, a mail carrier.


Although our lawyers do not practice in that state, if the dog attack had take place in North Carolina, several state laws may come into effect. One being the one-bite rule. If the owner of the dog never had an incident with their canine before, the state may recognize it as a "free bite" and let it go. However, in North Carolina, if a dog has had even one incident of attacking a person or animal, the owner is responsible for preventing their dog from ever attacking again.


The dog bit Eldridte on the arm through two shirts and a jacket. According to Eldridte, she had been cornered and chased by animals before, but this was the first time she had ever been bitten. Mail carriers carry pepper spray in order to protect themselves. Eldridte said that she used the pepper spray to help fend off the dog before police arrived. The police reported the dog was quarantined by animal control in order to ensure that it did not have rabies, and would likely be destroyed.



The dog owner was charged with harboring a vicious animal, not having the dog vaccinated against rabies, and not having the dog licensed. The owner claimed a family member was in possession of the dog’s “papers” and if they were brought to court, the two charges would be dropped.

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