Man Dies Aiding Others


A portion of Interstate 440 West was closed Friday evening after a series of accidents.


The outer beltline between Glenwood Avenue and Six Forks Road was closed for three hours. According to police, three people offered assistance to people involved in the accidents. Two people jumped over a barrier and fell off the bridge over Crabtree Creek.

One of them died.


The third person to jump over the barrier did not fall.


Names of those involved were not released.

According to reports on Monday, Carroll "Lee" Eames, Jr., 33, was the victim that was killed while helping others involved in an accident.

Eames apparently dod not realize there was a gap between the two lanes that opens below to Crabtree Creek. Eames fell 70 feet to the creek.

The other man who jumped, while tring to help received injuries that were not life-threatening.

Carroll Eames, Sr. stated his son used to work as a tow truck driver and often assisted people at accident scenes. Mr. Eames feels that a barrier on the inside part of the Outer Beltline would have prevented the death of his son.

A similar accident in October 2005 took the life of Todd Fletcher, 26.

The DOT will review the fall involving Eames when Raleigh Police conclude their investigation.

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