Man Deliberately Slams Into Vendor’s Van


According to Cary police, a drunken driver deliberately crashed into a food vendor’s van on Wednesday.


David Lance Kelbaugh, 23, of Rolesville had just left the Pure Gold Club on Harrison Avenue, where he had been drinking. Kelbaugh got upset with a vendor outside the club because he would not sell him a hotdog and a drink for $1.


The vendor refused to give Kelbaugh the food and drink because he did not have enough money.


Kelbaugh began yelling at the vendor, got into his vehicle and rammed it into the vendor’s van twice, causing the van to run into a brick Column. 


The vendor was inside the van at the time of impact and received injuries to his back.

He was treated at a nearby hospital.


The vendor was concerned the propane tanks in his van would explode.


Kelbaugh was stopped by police on Old Apex Road. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run, DWI, injury to personal property and injury to real property.

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