A man has filed a personal injury suit, claiming that he suffered injuries in a mishap that took place during a highly touted racing event in Mason County, West Virginia.

According to the suit he filed in Mason Circuit Court on January 30 against the owners of the World’s Fastest Truck and the Kanawha Valley Dragway Park, 54-year-old Frank Paul Wingo claims the defendants were responsible for the burns he suffered when the truck caught fire during an appearance at KVDP in 2007.

Court records say that on June 23, 2007, Wingo was at KVDP during an appearance of the World’s Fastest Truck, a tractor trailer rig with a jet engine. As they had in the past, KVDP asked Wingo to act as a starter for the event for which they paid him a cash incentive.

Records are unclear as to how or when the truck’s cab caught fire, trapping the owner and driver, Robert Motz, inside. Wingo says that he approached the truck to help extinguish the flames and save the life of Robert Motz.

Wingo does not provide specifics, but claims that during his firefighting and rescue efforts, he suffered “temporary and permanent serious injuries.” He alleges that the direct cause of his injuries was the failure of KVDP officials to provide adequate equipment and personnel for fire suppression.

Wingo claims the incident caused him to suffer great physical and mental pain, incur medical expenses, lose past and future wages, and suffer a decreased ability to enjoy life. His wife, a co-plaintiff, claims lost consortium.

The suit also lists Marshall Strawther, who operates and leases KVDP, and the International Hot Rod Association, which promotes and sponsors events at KVDP, as co-defendants.

Wingo and his wife seek unspecified damages.

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