raleigh injury lawyerAlthough this injury case did not occur in North Carolina, our Raleigh injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates want to include this as an example of how an individual may be injured under unusual circumstances. The case involves two police officers and a man who the police were arresting. The man under arrest claims he sustained personal injuries to his arm that required surgery due to being thrust into a police cruiser during his arrest.


According to the filed lawsuit suit that was filed against both officers, Roy Lee Ruggles, Jr. was stopped based on an allegation of gunshots heard in the area while walking with his brother. After being informed by radio that a capias warrant had been issued for Ruggles, an officer took him into custody using handcuffs. The suit claims that Ruggles did not resist arrest, but was being placed into the cruiser while the officer “manipulated his hands in an unusually high manner.” The suit says that while Ruggles hands were in “an awkward position,” he was pushed in a manner that caused his arm to hit the upper door frame of the vehicle.

Ruggles claims that his injury required he undergo emergency surgery in order to repair arterial damage to his upper right arm using a graft taken from his leg. He claims that as a result, he incurred hospital bills of more than $20,000. Ruggles also claims to have sustained pain, suffering, lost mobility, costs, diminished earning capacity, emotional distress, and other unspecified injuries. The suit claims that the officers violated Ruggles’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable, unjustifiable, and excessive force and that the city is liable for its officer’s conduct.


Officers allegedly causing such serious harm to a citizen may be held accountable through an out-of-court settlement with the city police, or by a jury should the case go to trial. Sometimes the officers themselves are injured during the scope of their work. Learn about police in Fayetteville who were injured during an arrest, and how on-the-job injuries are handled through a workers' comp claim.

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