A man has filed a personal injury suit against the makers of an invisible dog fence, alleging that a malfunction in the fence caused his dog to bite him.

According to the suit Charles W. Coe filed against Radio Systems Corp. in West Virginia’s Berkeley Circuit Court on March 25, he purchased and installed a SportDog brand in-ground electric fence system on February 10, 2007, which is manufactured by the defendant. He says the fence came with a collar and collar receiver.

Coe says that he put the collar on his golden retriever. According to the suit, Coe’s dog was in a “no shock” safe zone on March 26, 2007 when the receiver malfunctioned.

Coe claims that the malfunction caused the collar to repeatedly shock his dog, which cowered under his vehicle in the driveway.

Coe said that when he went to help the dog, it bit him on both hands and his side.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of the company for failure to warn.

Coe seeks compensatory damages and legal expenses.

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