Dad Bitten By Pit Bulls While Playing in Yard With Child

north carolina loose dogA man was injured after being attacked by a pair of pit bull mixes that escaped from another yard. The man was in his own front yard with his daughter at the time of the attack.


The father informed deputies from sheriffs' office that one dog bit him on the arm, while the other bit his shoe. The incident report said that he suffered puncture wounds to his arm and went to the hospital for treatment. Another man on the separate street said that the dogs approached him as well, but they ran away after he kicked one in the head.


The dogs are now in the custody of an animal welfare group. According to animal welfare society director, the dogs had prior incidents within the previous two months and were under investigation as being dangerous. The director noted that one owner of the dogs was in jail, while the other was battling the dangerous dog classification.


In North Carolina, several laws govern the consequences a dog owner faces if their dog goes loose and injures a person or damages property:


  • North Carolina dog owners are strictly liable for any off-premises damage caused by their dog. Under state law "strict liability" refers to the owner's inherent responsibility, even if the owner provided proper restraints and fencing that the dog managed to escape.
  • The owner could be charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor if they allow their dog (6 months old or older) to run unaccompanied at night. (Owners of "dangerous dogs" have greater restrictions.) Dog owners in violation "shall be liable in damages to any person injured or suffering loss to his property." § 67-12.
  • It is legal in North Carolina for anyone to kill a dog if the dog is killing poultry, hogs, sheep, cattle, hogs, or goats. The owner "shall be liable for damages sustained by the injury, killing, or maiming of any livestock, and costs of suit." § 67-1.
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