Mail carriers in St. Joseph County, Michigan say that delivering mail to one neighborhood in Sturgis is too dangerous. They say there’s too high a risk of personal injuries because they’re coming under attack by vicious dogs.


Recently, one mail carrier required surgery on her hand because of a pit bull attack on West Congress Street. The dog remains there, but is under quarantine in the owner’s home.


People who live on the street are not currently receiving their mail. The post office has ceased to deliver mail due to one of the carriers being attacked by a dog.


According to the Sturgis Post Office, mail service likely won’t return anytime soon due to a carrier being sent to the hospital. Mail in the area is being delivered, but not on West Congress Street.


According to Sturgis Supervisor Tom Picker, did dogs didn’t just attack in their own yard, they left the yard and attacked. He says that show of aggression makes them feel unsafe having a carrier in the neighborhood.


The dog’s owner, Kipp Vanzile, says the family is being singled out and that they have been responsible owners, even putting a shock collar on Cato to keep him in line. They regret what is happening, but see it as unfair to their neighbors.

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