Loaning Your Car to a Friend May be an Accident

Insurance coverage is complicated when there's a car accident with a driver using someone else's car. Typically, insurance "follows the vehicle" as long as the owner gives the driver permission to use the vehicle. (Every policy has exceptions.) If someone else is driving your car with your permission and has an accident, the primary insurance is your policy. If this coverage is not enough, then the driver's insurance policy could be used as secondary coverage. Both insurance companies should be notified about the accident.

Raleigh Injury Lawyers: Liability Law

Liability law and loaning your car hinges on whether or not the vehicle owner gives permission to another driver to use the car. Members of a vehicle owner's household are automatically covered with or without the owner's permission. Since borrowing cars and insurance have a sensitive relationship, everyone should take caution when using someone else's car. Verify the vehicle owner's coverage is active, that the person borrowing the vehicle has active insurance and, to be very safe, ask the insurance company to verify coverage for a loaned car in an accident.

Auto Accident Attorneys NC Explain Victims' Rights

If someone borrows your car with your permission, but causes an accident due to their own negligent behavior, some insurance policies will not cover damages. Brent Adams & Associates provides accident settlement and litigation services to injured victims of car crashes anywhere in North Carolina. State laws vary and, depending on where the accident took place, where the driver is from and where the owner of the vehicle resides, all affect victims' rights in a car accident.

Car Accident Attorneys Raleigh-Durham

Personal injury auto accident attorneys know traffic laws and they're familiar with the battle of car accident claims with insurance companies. The car accident lawyers of Brent Adams & Associates are dedicated to helping seriously injured victims in car accident litigation. Confidential and free consultations can be scheduled by calling 800.849.5931. Learn your rights after a car accident and learn the most effective negotiation methods available to fight for your car accident claim.

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