Let a Trust Protect Your Disabled Child in Dunn, NC after You’re Gone

Your Dunn Social Security attorney may recommend a special needs trust to protect SSDI and other benefits. This is a special kind of asset protection designed for persons with disabilities. If you have a child that has impairments preventing him or her from effectively managing finances and disability benefits, you may want to talk to your attorney about setting up this method of protection. 

When properly established, the special needs trust will not count as an asset for your child, thus allowing him or her to still qualify for government assistance. Because the trust will own the assets, and not your child, the trust will not affect qualification for these benefits. 

The assets will also be protected from seizure if you unexpectedly: 

  • pass away;
  • get divorced; or
  • are involved in a lawsuit. 

The trust is protected against most legal action, which means no matter what happens to you or your child’s guardian, the assets will remain protected from seizure. It can also be established that your child is cared for by an appointed caretaker or guardian upon the death of the current caretaker. 

After applying for SSDI disability benefits, your Social Security attorney in Dunn may suggest that you establish a special needs trust as soon as your benefits claim is approved. These protections are important when your child faces severe mental or physical disabilities preventing him or her from caring for him or herself.  

Your Answers to the World of Disability Benefits May Be Found With a Social Security Attorney in Dunn 

When a loved one is disabled, you want to help ensure his or her future will be secure even if you are no longer able to provide care. Parents of disabled children often seek the help of a lawyer to answer their concerns about their child’s future when he or she receives benefits. 

At Brent Adams & Associates, our team of disability and personal injury attorneys helps clients with many types of legal cases where injury or disability is an issue. From car accidents to veterans’ disability appeals, we help our clients seek the benefits and compensation they are entitled to when they become injured or disabled. 

With offices in Dunn, Raleigh and Fayetteville we are honored to serve the residents of North Carolina with their disability and injury legal needs. To schedule a FREE consultation, contact a Social Security attorney in Dunn at 910-892-8177 or toll-free at 800-849-5931.

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