Top 3 Causes of Work Injuries

work injuryInsurance giant Travelers released an analysis of their workers' compensation claims. Although their findings solely represent the injuries experienced by their insured and do not incorporate claims of other insurance carriers, their report helps shed light on common causes of work injuries. Employers can use this information to help address safety concerns in their workplace related to these issues. Does your work injury fall into one of the categories below?

  1. Lifting, carrying, handling. This category encompasses "material handling injuries," a class of injuries that involve moving an object or substance. Unsafe handling can result in broken bones, sprains, back and spinal injuries, and more. Sometimes employers fail to provide proper lifting and handling equipment, instructions, or training. In other instances, workers follow all guidelines properly and an injury could still occur. 
  2. Falls. Slip-and-fall injuries can occur in any workplace, regardless of whether the worker's environment involves several hazards or just a few. Loose carpeting, a missing stair rail, file boxes, or other trip hazards could be present. 
  3. Object collision. Workers might experience an object fall on them or collide with them. This category is broad and could incorporate head trauma, crushed limbs, and tissue damage.


Some work injuries could contribute to diseases. Our Raleigh workers' comp attorneys highlight a few examples of work diseases that result from injuries at the prior link; one example involves a broken leg that developed into a kidney infection.

Another study our attorneys outlined last year could be attributed to the results above. That report named overexertion as the leading contributing factor to work injuries. 

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