Lawnmower Safety: Avoiding Lawnmower Injuries

A series of NC lawnmower and tractor accidents have injured and killed innocent people. Earlier this month a NC tractor accident killed a three-year-old boy.

Nash County accident involving a lawnmower killed an elderly man in mid-March 2012. Unlike the earlier accident this same month, children are often victims of lawnmower accidents.

How can you prevent lawnmower accidents?

• Keep children away from equipment and from areas where mowing will take place. Secure extra adult supervision to ensure their safety.
• Conduct annual maintenance and test equipment before using it.
• Keep body parts away from the blades—even when the mower is powered off. Some injuries are a result of someone removing an obstruction from the blades; this act can trigger the blades to run.
• Wear proper clothing and footwear. Don’t operate a lawnmower barefoot or while wearing loose clothing.
• Don’t mow after a rainstorm. Poor traction increases the risk of an accident.
• Wear eye and ear protection. Sometimes objects get caught in the blades and become dangerous projectiles. Also, the engines in some mowers can cause hearing damage over time, so protection can help prevent hearing loss.

If you or a loved one are suffering the stress of high medical bills and are missing time away from work because of injuries sustained from a lawnmower accident, contact a NC accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Some injured accident victims must adjust to a new life as an amputee, which may make it difficult or impossible for them to return to their pre-accident employment. They may also be entitled to compensation for long-term care, home renovations to accommodate their handicap, and more. NC accident lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn also handle cases for families who have lost a loved one to a fatal lawnmower accident due to negligent operation, faulty manufacturing, and other factors of wrongdoing by another person, product or party.
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