Jury Trial Requested After Dog Bites Son Of Singer Edwin McCain

The man, Kenneth Shaw, whose dog police say bit the son of singer Edwin McCain has requested a jury trial. Shaw was summoned to appear in court on the afternoon of June 2. However, his attorney requested a trial by jury, meaning that the case will be heard on a later date.


Shaw has been charged with violating the city of Greenville, South Carolina’s vicious dog ordinance.


Two weeks prior to the scheduled court appearance, investigators say that a Rottweiler owned by Shaw bit McCain’s son, 4-year-old Watt McCain, at a YMCA during a soccer game. The police report said that McCain’s son was running close to the side lines when the dog was startled and bit him in the face.


McCain and the plastic surgeon who treated his son are calling for the YMCA and other such places to change their policies and ban pets at children’s events. Shaw wrote an apology statement to the McCain family prior to the Greenville Municipal Court appearance on June 2.

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